Post Vacay Wrap Up!

So, seriously, where did July go? That was the name of my last post and July wasn’t even over yet. Now it is and I can’t believe how quickly time passes by. We went to Georgia for almost the entire month, but my husband and I got to sneak away for a few days to Florida….without kids. It was glorious! Now part of me felt bad about how much I’ve been neglecting the blog and a couple other things. But then I realized I deserve a break from day to day life sometimes. So we drove to Florida from Atlanta (we did take 2 of our dogs so my in laws wouldn’t have to watch 2 kids and 3 dogs!), stayed at my in-law’s condo and relaxed. Seriously, I left clothes on the floor, didn’t fully unpack, leashes on the counter, all sorts of shenanigans! 🙂

All we did was eat seafood and take the dogs to the dog beach in St. Pete. Here are a few pics from the travels!

These are all pics from Florida. I have few more good ones from Atlanta, but I’ll save those for a post later this week on photo organizing!

Now that we are back in Colorado, I am decompressing and catching up on, well, everything. Here’s how I am handling the post vacay wrap-up!

-As soon as I got home, I started unpacking. Even though it was about 11 at night, I needed to get a jump start. The rest of the unpacking was done the next morning. I find that when I unpack immediately and do the laundry and put away the suitcases, I feel much better about being home. And I’ve learned from experience that if I don’t do it quickly, I will end up staring at a partially unpacked suitcase on my closet floor for a month. And then I might also find a half eaten bag of airplane issued Biscoff cookies 5 months later hidden in a small backpack compartment. So….I put everything away right away.

-I have also been going through all of my pictures (more on that later this week!)

-There are certain vacation spots, such as Florida, that we go back to multiple times. It’s great to have a reference of the restaurants we ate at or things we did so that I can remember for the next visit or recommend to other people I know visiting the same area. However, another chart or list in my life is NOT what I need (Have I mentioned my obsession with excel charts?). Enter Yelp. I have recently signed up for yelp and I reviewed a few places near my home. But I decided to review all of the places we ate at in Florida. So now, I have a record of where we went, when it was, what we ate, what we thought, and if we would go back. I can easily refer friends and family to my Yelp site too. Awesome! Click on the button below to view my Yelp page!

-I am also turning my post vacation goals into something realistic and attainable. What do I mean by post vacation goals? Well, does this scenario sound familiar? You are on vacation, lounging on the beach, taking morning walks and you think ‘This is so nice, I should really take a morning walk EVERY DAY!’. Or you have a great meal and think ‘I could make this. When I get home, I’m going to buy all of these ingredients and make this myself!’ Or you spend a day lounging around on a patio and think ‘When I get home, I’m going to take time for myself and just sit and think every afternoon’. Am I the only one who makes up these fantasy scenarios of how life will be when you get home? Then you actually get home and spend the next 10 months going through mail, scrubbing floors, chasing kids, answering emails, and falling down exhausted at the end of each day.  Well, my fantasy scenario was to start exercising more. I was walking on the beach every night and I thought ‘I should exercise’. Well, I hate to exercise (sad, but true). So I gave myself a realistic goal of 10 minutes of exercise each night and I’ve actually been doing it. Now, I know I won’t be getting any trophies for fitness for just 10 minutes of exercise, but maybe I’ll get a ribbon that says ‘Good Enough For Now!’ or ‘Better Than Last Week!’ I am finding that setting goals that are in line with your lifestyle, schedule, and commitment are soooo much easier to reach!

Enough ranting for tonight! I had a great time in Georgia and Florida, but i’s good to be home!