Short and sweet post!

So I have been MIA this week and will continue to be all next week. This week was a craaaaaazzzy week with the ‘day job’ and next week my husband and I will be enjoying the peace and beauty of Yellowstone!!!!! I figured the blog can take a hiatus….it is time to reconnect with a few things, including my husband, nature and my sanity.

Here are a few pics from the last time we went to Yellowstone and Jackson!

See you all soon!



Time for Change

So this weekend was time to take a break from the routine. Stop the work, stop the cleaning, stop the organizing and get out of town. Me and the fam escaped for a one night mini vacay to Pagosa Springs, CO. And how did we pay for the majority of our trip? Quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies friends! We have been planning this trip for a while and had already booked the hotel, but we still had to pay for everything else. So last week, we gathered up the change we had around the house and had ourselves a counting party!

We keep little containers for change around the house so it doesn’t end up hanging out on the counter or in our pockets. We prefer to use pretty containers so they blend into the decor and can be functional AND beautiful.

I’m so pretty!

We rolled the change into coin rolls, exchanged them at the bank and had enough money for road trip groceries, a tank of gas and a decent dinner! This was perfect! We just did a one night trip and we made lunches for both driving days. Our hotel offered free breakfast so we only had to eat out once. Instead of doing costly activities, we walked along the river, stopped at two different playgrounds for the kids and sat in the garden at our hotel in the evening. On the way back, we stopped at the Sand Dunes National Park, which only costs $3.00 per adult (and kids are free)!

Now why should you care about all of this? 🙂 Well, this post is about two things that are very important to me (and I think to most people)…Spending and Saving. That is, SPENDING time with family and SAVING money. I think it’s so important to have a clean and organized house that makes you feel comfortable and secure. However, what good is that if you don’t invest time with the ones you love and also plan for your future. I will be back with the organizing this week, I just needed to post about what is most important to me in the long run!

Sunday Survey Time!