So the things I’m loving this Thursday are compartments! Now clearly I love storage and organizing, but I especially love the fact that every little thing gets to have its’ own space. I love pretty much anything with organized compartments, drawers and hidden spaces. Here are a few examples:

Tackle Boxes!

I use tackle boxes for lots of things in my house. My husband uses them for the obvious:

But I use them for pretty much everything else. I store scrap booking embellishments in one. I have extra office supplies in one. I store earrings in one. I have actually put all of my jewelry that I am taking on our upcoming trip into one little tackle box!

They are great because they come in so many sizes. Many of them have adjustable compartment sizes and a lot of them stack or click together for easier storage. I just saw this idea on Pinterest:

If I wasn’t already completely packed for our plane ride, you can bet I would be getting one of these snack boxes ready right now! This will be a must have for our next road trip 🙂

I also love Backpacks. I’m bringing one backpack on the plane and it has everything I need: toys/ snacks, diapers, extra clothes (for all 3 of us!), blankets, books, computer, bottles/ cups, bibs, my purse, headphones and the list goes on! I can’t believe how much I fit into it! And our backpack has about 7 different compartments so everything will be relatively easy to get to.

More compartments!

This backseat organizing system is seriously amazing.

                I totally love this idea. Lazy Susan style storage truly makes the most out of any space!

I love that this drawer is pretty much hidden. It’s great for large flat items, kids items, or things you don’t use very often. And it maximizes space that would otherwise go unused.

Basically, you can win me over with any compartmentalized storage option…big or small. When everything has a place, it let’s me function so much more calmly and it also makes clean up so breezy!