Organize this!

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to start an organizing business. I thrive on cleaning out closets, organizing files, and the constant purge of stuff that’s going on around our house. Cleaning something out organizes a space, but also my mind and my outlook. I am constantly trying to find ways to streamline my life and make processes more efficient, from financial spreadsheets to medicine cabinets. I have put off the actual start of an organizing business for the following reasons:

-I already have a job. My husband and I are part of a family business and work from home, so a huge portion of my time is taken up with work.

-I have 2 young kids. These two little boys are amazing and fun and a whole lot of work.

The Boys!

-We have 3 dogs with a lot of energy and a lot of demands for our time and attention.

-My husband and I like to do road trips and travel, so a lot of time is taken up by either planning or going on trips. These range from day trips to full on vacations.

Utah’s National Parks

-We have made a couple of investments in the last couple of years (including a cross country move) so I haven’t exactly had the start up capital for a home based business.

Keep in mind that none of these things have changed recently. However, I actually don’t see them changing anytime soon. I have realized that I might never find the “perfect” time to start this business. So I decided to just go for it and plug on through as best I can. I’m going to focus on the blog first. My goal is to give people advice, tips, lessons from my own mistakes and hopefully a little inspiration.

So please join me in my journey. I can’t wait to see what lays ahead!

Survey Sunday Begins!!!!



Time to Neaten your Nest!

Hello Everyone!

Everyone wants a comfortable, organized, low-stress life and home. But doesn’t that seem impossible? Well, it’s difficult maybe…but not impossible. It’s all about getting systems in place to make life easier so you can make the most of life. What a tag line!

My goal is to help people develop systems that work for them. Everyone has different needs and ways of doing things, so I’m here to offer basic suggestions that can be tailored to any lifestyle. Hopefully, with a little planning and a little work, the many pieces of life can be streamlined and a lot more manageable.

Time to Neaten Your Nest!