Guest Bathroom – Under the sink must haves

I recently reorganized underneath the sink in the guest room. It wasn’t a huge project, but it’s certainly worth mentioning. Here is the before photo:

It’s not a crazy amount of stuff, but there was still a lot goin’ on here and it needed some attention. Let’s take a tour, shall we?

-I already had the small, plastic organizer with 3 drawers so that got to stay.

In the drawers, I have all sorts of ‘extras’ for our guests: tissue and toothpaste in the bottom drawer, lotion in the middle drawer, and Q-tips and razors in the top. I also have a small hair dryer which I set on top of the organizer. I keep a couple other items in the shower (shampoo, etc), so between those things, I hope to have whatever a guest might forget. I think it’s important to make people comfortable in your home and one of the ways you can do that is by providing little things that they don’t expect, but might need and/or like.

I had also recently added my nifty plastic bag holder, which you can read about the creation of in my post here. Then I put the extra toilet paper in a plastic bin to make it easy to grab and also off of the cabinet floor. There are extra tissues behind the bag holder. It’s definitely important to always have these extras so no one gets left high and (not) dry. 🙂  There were also several magazines just thrown underneath there for storage so I put them in a file holder to corral them.

Please also note the handle in the back right corner:

That, my friends, is a plunger. Because where is the last place you want to be without a plunger? That’s right….someone else’s guest bathroom. So be a nice host and stock your guest bathroom with a plunger. Ours is also sitting on the lid of an old can so that it never actually touches the cabinet.

Here is the after photo!

Another thing to mention. This is a guest bathroom, but it’s also a bathroom we use regularly. We have items in there that I wanted to keep, but wanted to organize. So I took two bins for extra stuff. One is for vases, because this is the only place I could think of to store them. The other bin is for all the rest…lotion, dog shampoo, bathroom cleaners, etc. It’s a quick way to keep our stuff contained so that our guests still feel like it can be ‘their’ bathroom when they visit.

Almost every item is in some sort of bin or container. I like this because if I need to move things around, it’s manageable. If something ever happened with the pipes and I needed to get everything out, I would just have to pull out several containers instead of piles of smaller items. Everything is easy to get to, easy to restock and easy to clean.

I also shopped my own house for the container so I bought nothing! However, I took them out of an upstairs bathroom, so I won’t even show you what that looks like right now. The other bathrooms are works in progress and I will hopefully be sharing the outcomes shortly!

One more Before & After:

Guest Bathroom – Before

Guest Bathroom – After

It’s easy to make guests feel more at home when they visit by providing a few of these ‘extras’. It’s also so much nicer for my family to use this space when it’s so clean and organized.

How do you make your guests feel at home?