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Emergency Planning and Fire Relief

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Paper Pile Purge – Post 1 is on the new site!

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Paper Pile Purge – Post 1

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Blog Transfer and Top Ten Quick Cleaning Tips

So the blog transfer continues……I finally figured out how to transfer the site. I won’t be doing any tutorials because honestly, it was a mish-mash of late nights, frustration and phone calls to WordPress, Go Daddy and now a site designer to help me figure out the things I couldn’t do myself. The switch actually brought on a few tears and quite frankly, I have no idea what steps I actually took to get it the point I’m at now. Anyways……

I have finally gotten my social media buttons under control and have just started posting on the new site. For this month, I will also post the link here to facilitate any of my subscribers in finding the new site. Here’s today’s post:

Top Ten Quick Cleaning Tips

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Keeping my Blog Followers – Step 1 – Bloglovin’

Hi everyone! I truly have no idea how to see my followers with my new self hosted WordPress site, but I’m workin’ on it. Here’s my first step in getting my followers to stay with me though: Bloglovin

If you currently follow me on Bloglovin, the original followed site will not continue to work after I complete my transition. Please go to Bloglovin and type in to get to the correct feed.


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Blog News – explaining my MIA

Hi everyone! So I have been off the blogging grid for over a week and it was completely unintentional. The main reason is that I have decided to switch my blog over to a self hosted ‘’ site and for some reason, I CANNOT figure it out. I have been putting all of my energy into some behind the scenes website stuff, but that doesn’t make for very interesting blog reading, does it?

I have also been working like a crazy lady planning a birthday party for our soon to be 4 year old. We have never done a party for him before and I think I may be going slightly ridiculously over the top. I think Pinterest has finally gotten the best of me……

There are a few other things filling in my spring time business, so some things have fallen by the wayside… my overly planned blog posts. I just haven’t had the time to commit my full 4 hours of staring at the computer not knowing what to say. Of course this absence comes right after Neaten Your Nest’s 1 year anniversary. Shame on me!!! But I promise I am working diligently to make the site better, easier to navigate, more engaging and with additional features. Don’t forget about me!


It’s Neaten Your Nest’s One Year Anniversary

Exactly one year ago, I wrote my very first post for the Neaten Your Nest blog. I had no idea where the blog would take me or any of the career opportunities I had dreamed up in my head. As I sit here today, I still have no idea where Neaten Your Nest will take my life, but I do know that I’m loving the experience, the challenges, the learning and the adventure I’m getting out of blogging and setting up a business.

Here are few things I have truly loved about this process:

1) I have gotten to ‘meet’ so many amazing people through the blogging world. Though the amount of information is overwhelming, the bloggers I’ve been able to connect with have inspired me in ways too many to count! I have learned about patience, motivation, creativity, creating the life you want, connecting with your family, amazing recipes and inspiring stories. Check out my blogroll page for just a very few of my favorites!

2) I have learned sooooo much about organizing. The wealth of information available has helped me think outside the box when it comes to organizing. I have found great products, clever tips, and beautiful inspiration.

3) I am absolutely enthralled with Pinterest! It has been a great resource for blog ideas, inspiration for my life and it helps me keep some of my many thoughts and projects organized. You can find me on Pinterest here.

4) The blog has kept me motivated to pursue a dream and, in some ways, it also holds me accountable for following through. Just having an audience helps spur me to action every day.

Here are some things that have been not so glorious in the journey:

1) Writer’s block….There are days when I will just stare at my computer, the words ‘New Post’ taunting me as I try to formulate even one sentence that pertains to my topic.

2) Comparison to others. Since there are so many great blogs and websites out there, I am constantly questioning if what I am doing is good enough, do my posts make sense to the reader, have I interjected just enough humor to make people smile a little, do my pictures look ok (this is my biggest struggle!)? It is a hard lesson to learn that comparisons only defeat you and your purpose.

3) Technology!!! I have gotten a fleeting grasp on a few aspects, but I still have a long way to go. HTML code what? I would love to feel like I have mastered a technological skill set, whether it’s web design, Pinterest, photo manipulation, or anything really. But with the constant upgrades and additions to everything technology related, it’s hard to keep up!

The good thing about the bad things is that I am not alone. The more I talk to people, the more I realize that everyone struggles in some areas, no one is perfect and we can all be amazing in our own ways.

Here are a few of my favorite and most popular posts from the last year:

So what does the future hold for Neaten Your Nest???

~Better photographs to showcase organizational processes, products and more.

~An increased focus on ‘green’ topics. Look for new info under the Green Nest page!

~A focus on organizing the business side of NYN. Look for posts on the business of blogging, files, marketing, etc.

~Features from other bloggers who have expertise in areas where I am lacking!

~Additional Pages and Features here on the site, such as the upcoming ‘Mindful Nest’ series, where we talk about the mental, emotional and other health related benefits to being organized. I will also be working on the ‘Nest Egg’ series, where I talk about financial organization.

If you have been a reader of Neaten Your Nest over the past year, thank you so much for all you do. Your readership makes this whole process worthwhile. If I can help someone or inspire a bit of organizational creativity in this hectic life, then I am doing my job. If you are new to Neaten Your Nest, Welcome! I look forward to sharing many more ideas and stories with you for years to come. Thanks!


Liebster Blog Award

Thank you, thank you to Kelly at Cobwebs, Cupcakes and Crayons for nominating me for the Liebster Blog Award. This is a blog land award for new bloggers and helps to create a community of bloggers to share interests, passions and ideas.

Kelly’s blog is great for a lot of reasons. Here are few:

-She’s a super mom who is passionate about raising her little one with love, creativity and a little humility!

-She was a professional organizer and is as crazy about organizing as I am.

-She is striving to balance all of the passions in her life and make it work. Commendable and difficult, but doable! I particularly love here ongoing series called ‘Nap to It‘ where she details various projects she has done while her little Annabelle naps. It goes along with my 15 Minutes posts and shows that you don’t have to spend a whole day organizing to make a difference in your life.

Nominees are asked to nominate 5 other new bloggers and list 5 things about themselves.

Here are my nominees:

1) From Pinterest to Panache – This blog was born out of creativity and inspiration needing an outlet. I love her diaper caddy turned Crayon Caddy! I can’t wait to see what else she comes up with!

2) Making Life Simple – I couldn’t have put it better myself. Most people these days want to simplify and streamline. Each post on this blog is short and to the point, with a new Simplicity Tip each day. How….simple!

Now forgive me here. I am so new to the blogging world and am still building up the blogs I follow. Most of the ones I read daily are either not ‘new’ blogs or I can’t see how many followers or how new they are. So I’m only nominating 2 for now. However, I am slowly working on a blogroll for my sidebar so that I can feature my favorites!

Here are 5 facts about me:

1) I read A LOT. I read mostly non fiction, but I’ll throw in a fiction book every now and then. I was disappointed in both ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ and ‘Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’, but I did hop on the Hunger Games bandwagon and loved it. I’m currently reading a book called ‘Lasso the Wind’ by Timothy Egan.

2) I look at pictures on my computer all the time. I am definitely not one of those people who downloads my pics and forgets about them. I am constantly going through old pics, reorganizing, making albums, slideshows, etc. Love pictures!

3) If I could visit one place in the world, it would be Greece. Beautiful, historical, interesting. Someday…..

4) I have a ‘Life to Do list’ and some of the stranger ones are: swim with sharks, learn sign language and fly a kite (I seriously have never flown a kite).

5) My 3 year old son now asks me if we’re going to ‘organize something today’. Ha! Guess I’m rubbing off on him. 🙂

Anyways….thank you to Cobwebs, Cupcakes & Crayons for helping to support one of my dreams!