House Cleaning After Guests

I just had a visit from my mom who came in from Phoenix. We had a good time, but now it’s back to the daily grind. I like to clean and do anything I need to do shortly after guests leave. Otherwise, things somehow get left undone for weeks! Here are the things I do after a house guest leaves to get things on track.

1) Wash all linens, towels, etc. – I try to do this asap, as in the same day guests leave or the next day at the very latest. I’m not a big fan of laundry so anything I can do to quickly get it out of my sight helps the queasy feeling a little. 🙂 There’s nothing like fresh linens to make a room feel clean!

POst on guests

2) Clean the guest bedroom and bathroom. – Again, the sooner the better. This one doesn’t really add too much to my normal cleaning routine because these rooms get cleaned weekly anyways. But it’s nice to refill the soap dispenser and put the extra blankets away and any other extra chore that pops up. I also have baskets on the bathroom counter for my guests because we don’t have any drawers in there…it drives me nuts! So I put those away too. These were a little Container Store purchase which you can read about here.

3) Go through any pictures I took while my guest was here. – This includes downloading them on my computer, weeding out the blurry ones or the one’s where I have crazy hair or crazy eyes (which is apparently more often than not), renaming the good ones, uploading them to a photo site and emailing them to my guest. Whew! Good thing I like that process because it usually takes a while.

4) Catch up on emails and to do lists – Inevitably a few things get pushed to the wayside when you have company so it’s good to take a little time to catch up. This could be emails, mail, dry cleaning, or any other chore that just went unfinished while you were entertaining. You don’t even want to see my to do list right now! But doing this blog post was one of the things on my list so…..cross it off!!

5) Grab some tea and take a minute to relax!

POst on guests



12 thoughts on “House Cleaning After Guests

  1. Love this post. We have a lot of summer guests and I spend a lot of time changing sheets and towels. You’re right about getting it done quickly and then taking time out!

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  3. What a great idea for a post. I have to admit I tend to chip away at the follow-up tasks after a guest has left and sometimes it takes a couple of weeks to get everything done. I love your suggestion to tend to the photographs right away because that is often something I plan to get to and never do. Have a great weekend! ~Thea

  4. Dry cleaning? You do dry cleaning? What on earth for? Unless you’re a business man in NYC or something, I’m surprised dry cleaning even exists any more. (sometimes) 😉

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