The perfect place for sheets!

I have been trying to organize my bathroom closet for months now. For some reason, I just can’t get it where I want it. I finally realized that part of the problem is that I hate the way our sheets look in there. We have a few sets and one of them is a super soft and comfy, fluffy set….but they’re huge! They were all crammed in behind the towels and would topple over. Believe me, I’ve tried the fancy folding…I just can’t get it right. And I usually just want to do it fast and get it over with. So, long story short, my towels decided they didn’t want to deal with the sheets as their roommate anymore. My solution???? Under the bed sheet storage!

Sheets - Under the Bed (1)I bought a rolling under the bed storage bin and my sheets fit perfectly. It also had a lid that can open halfway from either side so it makes it even easier to access the sheets.

Sheets - Under the Bed (2)Sheets - Under the Bed (3)And the best part for me is how the towel shelf in my bathroom linen closet looks!

Linen Closet - Towels

So I’m loving under the bed storage now. I already store my wrapping paper under the bed and I just moved my holiday decor under the guest bed, which you can read here. I love using storage that is otherwise going to waste. The bonus is that I can’t see whatever is under there!

Sheets - Under the Bed (4)



18 thoughts on “The perfect place for sheets!

  1. Great idea Erin. I love how you are storing your sheets in the room where they are being used. They are also out of the way and you have freed up some room in your linen closet for other items. Very smart! ~Thea

  2. This is what I need to do!! I have never had a linen closet for my master bedroom/bathroom
    and I do already have one of those storage bins that opens half-way!! It will be my next project! I’m working on the entrance hall closet now!!!!

    • It’s so much nicer to have the sheets out of the closet…and now they’re right next to the bed! I don’t know why I didn’t think of this earlier! It’s so nice to start checking projects off the list! 🙂

  3. Great use of those under the bed bins! Love how neatly you folded those sheets — I can never get them to look folded. They always look like a slightly lumpy, slightly tangled mess no matter how much I try to get those fitted sheets to play nice.

    • Oh jeez, you’re flattering me! So the trick to folding sheets is to throw them in the bin and then smooth out the very top layer so they look nicely folded. That is really my method. 🙂

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