Guest room closet switch out!

One of the hardest organizational challenges I have in our house is that we don’t have a playroom. Now I know plenty of people get along just fine without a playroom, but it’s just a room I would really love to have. But for now, we have a guest room that doubles as a playroom when people aren’t visiting. However, that means that our ‘guest room’ is continuously filled with airplanes, books, magnets and a mini trampoline. When people come and visit, I try to rearrange a little so that guests feel like they can have a space of their own. However, I do leave the trampoline because I know people secretly love to jump on mini trampolines and I honestly feel like every guest I have will actually sneak a jump on it in the middle of the night. Here is what the closet normally looks like when it is completely playroom time.


Now I just make a few little changes when someone is coming to visit. Most of the toys actually stay in the closet because if I had another place to put them….well….they wouldn’t be in the guest room in the first place. πŸ™‚ Here are the changes:


-I clear off an entire shelf so that people have a place to put things if they choose to. You can see that there is a plastic bin on the high shelf in the closet. This is holding all of the toys that came off of the toy shelf.

-I hang up a couple of closet organizers since there is not a dresser or regular shelving. Hopefully this helps guests feel like they can unpack and, you know, stay a while!

-I also put a basket of magazines on the top of the toy shelf. This is just a nice touch, I think.

-I also have extra hangers, pillows and a portable heater in there.

Hopefully these little changes create a more welcoming space for guests so they don’t completely feel like they have to sleep inside a Toys R Us.

What rooms do you have that serve multiple functions? How do you create a space that works for both?



4 thoughts on “Guest room closet switch out!

  1. Our office closet serves like 7 purposes. Like your wish for a playroom, I wish for a craft room.
    Looks like you’ve come up with a nice solution for your multi-purpose space πŸ™‚

    • I would love a craft room, but if I ever get that extra room, it will all go to my boys and their toys! πŸ™‚ Our multi purpose room is a constant work in progress, but I feel like we’re getting somewhere finally!

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