Traveling again

We have been away from home for a month now. We went from Colorado to Georgia for Christmas and yes, we are still here in GA! We have a big tradeshow for my ‘day job’ that we are currently working at so we decided to just stay a month instead of coming back twice. It made sense at the time……

At this point, we are looking forward to getting back home and readjusting to CO in 2013. I have big plans for organizing my house this year so I am anxious to get started. In the meantime though, we are living in upstairs bedrooms at my in laws house. And however accommodating someone else may be, it’s never the same when you’re not in your own home. Read: I have limited clothes and I’m missing all my DVR shows! Sorry Modern Family, Justified, and How I Met Your Mother, I’ll catch you on the flipside!

Since we’ve been doing so much traveling, I needed the packing to be organized and efficient. My sister had given me some Ebags Packing Cubes to help with packing. These things are so clever. They are varied sizes of zippered packing bags in a variety of colors.

packing cubes

She sent me some in 4 different colors, so we have a set for each family member. Awesomeness! They are great because:

-You can easily identify whose stuff is whose.

-You can just move an entire cube into a drawer at a hotel so you don’t actually have to ‘unpack’ everything.

-They are pretty durable, with mesh openings so you can see inside and double zippers so they are easy to get into.

-They help to limit what you take so that packing is more efficient.

The only thing I don’t like as much is that you don’t always maximize the space in your suitcase because you’re just putting the ebags packing cubes in there. It doesn’t allow you to use up all of the little corners of the actual suitcase so you can really fit less in any given suitcase. However, there’s always extra things you can cram in to fill up the room, such as shoes.

So when we packed to come out to GA, we had one suitcase with the majority of our clothes for the trip. We also had a separate bag for the clothes we would use on the 3 day drive (yes we drove, how crazy are we??????). However, the cubes were great for organizing most of our stuff.


I have always prided myself in packing light, but you will notice that I have 3 pretty paisley packing cubes and everyone else has less than me. Hmmmmm. We also did cram some larger clothing items, such as pants into the suitcase outside the cubes.  Anyways, love these things and I completely recommend these or anything that helps you organize on the go. Happy travels!



9 thoughts on “Traveling again

  1. One other point, when you pack the cubes, ALWAYS roll your clothes, i.e., they stay wrinkle free and YOU CAN PACK MORE INSIDE THE CUBES. By the by, I wasn’t very clear with regard to Eagle Creek recommending specific cubes for their luggage and back packs . . . I should have said, specific cubes for EACH piece of luggage and back pack. Take care, Steve 🙂

  2. I have been blogging about my RTW trip for about two weeks now and these pack it cubes are wonderful. Eagle Creek recommends specific cubes for their variety of luggage and back packs. Amazing! I got the EC Adero 45 liter back pack and the cubes that were recommended for it. Also, I got a compression bag which you should look into . . . I stuffed a down jacket in it and the compression bag reduced it smaller than the size of a pancake. Thank you for your post – this is excellent information that more people should look into.

      • Thank you Erin . . . I like your blog as well. I try to be very organized in my life (hmm . . . OCD?). Ironically, this doesn’t extend to traveling, insofar as planning all the minutia of a vacation. I am very much a minimalist with regard to ALWAYS having a Plan B (see my “About” on my blog) and flexible. Conversely, I abhor check in at airports – yes, I have had bags go to places I wasn’t going to – so I always utilize carry on (back packs or similar small pieces of luggage). Full circle – this is where pack it cubes come in handy! Take care!


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