Wrapping Presents

I don’t love to wrap presents. I don’t even like to wrap presents. But sometimes you need to wrap them so here are my tips!

-I keep all of my wrapping paper in two shallow under-the-bed storage boxes. I have one for Christmas wrapping items and one for everything else. I literally just throw everything in there because they are so shallow that it’s pretty easy to find everything.

Wrapping Paper (5)

-As of this Christmas, I now have a pair of scissors and a roll of tape in each of the boxes so when I need to wrap something, I have everything I need right there.

-I also re-use every single bow and bag so that I don’t have to buy new ones every year. I usually buy one new roll of wrapping paper every Christmas and maybe some gift tags, but otherwise I don’t really have to buy anything else. I figure I spend enough on gifts…the last thing I want to do is tap out the bank account on frilly bows and Sesame Street wrapping paper. I just put the bows back in the original bag they came in.

Wrapping Paper (3)

I also save the larger bags on the bottom of the storage box and all smaller bags get combined into a medium size gift bag:

Wrapping Paper (2)

-I maximize the value of my wrapping paper purchases by shopping at discount stores or taking advantage of after Christmas sales to stock up for the following year. I also keep an eye out for double sided paper that allows you to have 2 different patterns from one roll of paper. These usually aren’t the cheapest but it saves on space and gives me more options when wrapping gifts.

Wrapping Paper (4)

Now some people absolutely love wrapping gifts. I can’t even tell you how many amazing ‘wrapping stations’ I’ve seen on Pinterest and other blogs and I have to admit I’m kind of jealous. I would actually love to be one of those people who buys cute little jingle bell embellishments and coordinates the different papers so that each present compliments the wrapping of the others. But I’m not. An example…we have a weird shaped and bulky gift for our 3 year old this year. While some people would seek out a large box to wrap or find a gigantic gorgeous gift bag, I grabbed a black trash bag and stuffed some tissue paper in the top of it. Seriously….

Wrapping Paper (1)My husband actually taped some wrapping paper on the outside of the bag after I took this picture, but still….

So you can see that wrapping presents is not my thing. But since I don’t like it very much, that is all the more reason to have ways to make it easier.

How do you make gift wrapping and shopping a little easier and more organized???




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