Easy Christmas Listing!

I’m well on my way to Christmas Spirit Town over here. Decorations are out (and strewn ALL over the floor, dining room table, kitchen, etc), Christmas cards are mailed (is that ridiculous?), and Christmas lists are in full swing. Here are a couple ways I organize my lists:

-I always start a file for Christmas present ideas in my computer around August (if my husband is reading this: “don’t search for the list!”). That way, as I think of things I can jot them down so I won’t forget them. I start the list for ideas for my whole family as well as myself.

I have three columns in the list: 1 column for me, the hubby and the kiddos, 1 column for my side of the family and 1 column for my husband’s side of the family. I list everyone’s name and then leave space underneath the name for gift ideas.

-When November comes, I evaluate the list and add, delete, rearrange as needed. Then I highlight everything on the lists ( I highlight in green to show my ever-permeating Christmas spirit). 🙂 As I purchase gifts off of the list, I un-highlight them. That way I can see with a quick glance what I still need to buy.

-Here is my absolutely favorite list tool which I started using this year…..Amazon Wish Lists!!!!!

If you haven’t already seen this, it is worth a look-see!

If you are logged in on Amazon, you can see the ‘Wish List’ drop down box on the the far right near the top. If you click it, it will take you to the ‘Wish List’ page, where you can add or edit lists. If you just hover over ‘wish list’, a drop down box will appear with your current lists and several other options.

Things I love about the Wish List feature:

1) You can create multiple lists for different people or occasions. I have created one for myself and one for each of the kids.  You can then email the lists right from Amazon or copy and paste the links in a regular email to send to friends and family.

2) The lists work like any store registry so you should be able to avoid getting duplicate gifts! You can view all items on the original list, but it defaults to showing items that haven’t been purchased by someone looking at the list. This is great because I emailed the kid’s Amazon wish lists to both sides of the family. Usually I carefully split the lists I give to different family members to avoid duplicates, but this solves that problem!

3) As the list ‘owner’, you can look to see what was purchased by someone. However, someone at Amazon took their thinking pill and decided to ‘hide’ what was purchased unless you click a button to ‘reveal the gift’. This is great because if I’m looking at my own list, I don’t necessarily want to know if something was purchased or not. I can go to ‘purchased’ and ‘reveal the gifts’ if I want to be sneaky, but I wouldn’t do that…..would I?

4) You can add items to lists from any website, even if they are not sold on Amazon! You have to install the Wish List add on to your computer, but then you can add away. I’m thinking Etsy products are goin’ on the Amazon list!

Please note that these are strictly my opinions and not an advertisement for Amazon in any way. However, I have found the Wish List feature to be easy, useful and my new go-to web tool for birthdays and Christmas.

How do you keep your holiday lists organized?



15 thoughts on “Easy Christmas Listing!

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  2. Decorations strewn all over the floor. Yes, this is me right now and it’s already the first of December. My only saving grace is that my husband will be out of town for a few nights next week which means I won’t have to divide my attention after the babe goes down.

    I’ve just started to use multiple Amazon wishlists and I can’t believe I never created more than one before. I love your idea for creating a word doc list for gift ideas!

    • We finally got the rest of our decorations up yesterday. It only took us 9 days! Ha! I can’t believe how fast time is flying by, it will be Christmas before we know it. Time to make cookies or something and enjoy the holidays!

  3. I did an Amazon wish list this year also! LOVE that I can add things from other websites! and now I don’t have 3 sets of parents asking me what my hubby and I want 🙂

    • It’s so great to be able to send the same lists to everyone and not have to try to ‘split the list.’ It’s my new favorite tool! It will make the kids birthday requests so much easier too! Thanks for reading!

  4. My lists are in excel – but labeled under “recipes” so no one will go searching them out. I’ve heard of Amazon’s wishlist and have considered using it for the kids so that their grandparents would have an easier time. But for some reason I can’t give up my spreadsheet! 🙂

    • I TOTALLY can’t give up my spreadsheet. I’m pretty much addicted to excel. The amazon lists are so great to send to the grandparents though. I love that you put your list under ‘recipes’. I should put mine under ‘cleaning’ and no one would ever find them. 🙂

  5. I love Amazon wish list! Weirdly, I’ve never shared my wish list with anyone. For some reason, I feel shy about saying, here’s what I want, even though it would probably make people’s lives easier! I know for the kids this will work great, so I will have to make a separate list for them 🙂

  6. Oh, I never heard of “wishlist from amazon.com”, when I used to work, I had so many well-organized lists in Excel, but don’t know why for Christmas I always have my list on a piece of paper that I keep in my wallet or purse and can never find it when I need it. Let’s see if this year I change my ways! 🙂

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