Make way for turkey…fridge and freezer cleanout

Two of the 15 minute projects in my House Project List were to clean out the fridge and freezer. Though these each took about 20 minutes, I figure they would be small enough to consider ’15 Minute Projects.’ I will not even bore you with a before pic of my fridge and freezer because truthfully, it doesn’t look that different from the after pic. I credit most of that to the fact that I try to do a little cleaning each week. Before I grocery shop, I try to wipe down the shelves and throw away anything that is past it prime. I do it before grocery shopping because that is when the fridge is the most empty each week.
So these photos are pretty much just to prove that I actually did clean the entire fridge and freezer:

I took everything out (except for the frozen veggies in the veggie drawer!) and wiped down all shelves and sides. One added bonus of this project was that I forgot exactly where the shelves in the freezer were. So I ended up putting them back in a slightly different configuration.

As it turns out, I had never really evaluated where the shelves were placed before. The new shelf placement is about a million times more effective. I’m not sure why I thought a GIGANTIC bottom shelf optimized the space because…it didn’t. It was just wasted. The new configuration allows me to fit more items and to see them more clearly. Pretty much everything is standing up on end, making use of the vertical space and allowing me to see all of the labels. Happy Accident!

So here’s the after pic:

It’s not beautiful or stylishly organized, but it’s super functional and works perfectly for me and my family.Β  Here are some things I like about this project and my fridge!

~I have a shelf reserved for leftovers so I never have to rearrange the whole fridge to put away all my beautifully saran wrapped and tin foiled items.

~I have honestly never seen so many condiments as what we have in our fridge. The obligatory mustard and ketchup? Yep, they are there. However, my fridge is also the home to tartar sauce, cocktail sauce, BBQ sauce, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce…are you bored yet? That’s why I love that my fridge has so much room in the door for all of these.

-This project was also timely since we need to make sure we have room for Thanksgiving dinner items! You can see there’s a large turkey on the bottom shelf of the fridge and there is a big bag of ice on the bottom shelf of the freezer. My new rule of thumb is going to be that I ALWAYS want to have enough room for a large turkey and a large bag of ice. That way I will always have room and the fridge and freezer should never get overloaded.

-I’m so glad I was taking pictures for this post because it allowed me to evaluate how important shelf placement is. I recommend taking pictures before projects like this so you can evaluate what works and what doesn’t. Once you have a system that works, you’ll have a photo reference so you can make sure you get things back in the right place.

Is it just me that gets excited about cleaning out the fridge? Probably. But know that if you keep up with it, a complete clean out only needs to take about 15 minutes.



8 thoughts on “Make way for turkey…fridge and freezer cleanout

  1. I like the idea of taking a before and after picture even of these small projects! πŸ™‚ BTW, you are not the only who gets excited about cleaning up the fridge, I’m obsessed with the inside of my kitchen cabinets! πŸ™‚

  2. I do the same thing that you do each week before I go grocery shopping — best time to do it before I load it up again! πŸ™‚ I like your idea of having a dedicated shelf for leftovers. It would be much easier than my husband having to ask me where ‘such and such’ is each morning when he packs his lunch!

  3. I think my worst job, the one I dread the most, is cleaning out the fridge. Don’t know why…just hate it! It’s sticky, icky, yucky. Though the reality is, it probably wouldn’t take longer than 20 minutes…I just struggle to bring myself to do it!

    • I know, it’s not exactly the most fun chore (unless you’re me!). Try one shelf at a time. That way it won’t seem overwhelming. And everyone has those chores they just can’t stand. Mine is folding laundry. I have no idea why!

  4. I am kind of obsessive about making sure my fridge stays organized – to the point where I can’t even let someone else help me unload groceries or put food away because everything has to be in the ‘right place.’ It’s probably a good thing I live alone, haha. πŸ™‚

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