To Do List – Crossing ’em off!

Today I did 2 more 15 Minute projects from the to do list mentioned here.

First I picked out ‘Clean lower cabinet in Den’. Here is what it looked like before:

I spent the first few minutes taking everything out and then cleaning the actual cabinet. It’s amazing how dusty a cabinet can get even though there’s stuff covering the bottom and the door is shut!

The top shelf was mostly CD holders, so I just put those back where they were and took out anything extra. I actually had a 4th CD case elsewhere that I put here since it would now fit.

The bottom shelf was a mish-mash of items just thrown in there. Most of it was Nintendo Wii accessories. Now we do still have our Wii set up, we just never (I mean never) use it. If we don’t use it at all this winter, it’s going in the sell pile. However, if we even have a chance of using it, it would probably make sense to have all of the stuff in the same place….and where the tv is. As it turns out, we had an almost empty shelf under the TV. Here’s what that looked like before:

Notice the layer of dust which has somehow collected in a cabinet that has not been opened for months. So weird…and now I will be opening that cabinet every week to dust! Soooo, I found an empty storage box in the office and put most of the Wii games and accessories inside.

Then I cleaned off the shelves underneath the TV and put the Wii stuff back in. Here is what that looks like now:

Back to the Den cabinet. After I put all of the stuff where it actually belongs, there was nothing extra to put back in the cabinet. So it looks like this now:

Things to note:

-Again, I found that shopping around my house for storage boxes was quick, effective and free!

-I am not putting anything back in that cabinet until I have something that really needs to go there. There is nothing wrong with having an empty shelf or drawer. It’s so much nicer than having clutter.

-Bonus: I found some photo software that I’ve literally been looking for since about 6 months ago!

So that project really turned into 2, but since the TV shelf was not on my original list, it doesn’t count towards the goal!

So the second 15 Minute project I did today was the cabinet and drawer in the dining room hutch. Here is the before:

You can see that this is where I keep a lot of my miscellaneous holiday and entertaining accessories. I wanted that to stay the main focus of the space, but organize it and get rid of any extra stuff. First I took everything out and sorted. This is what is not going back into the cabinet ever again.

Light fixtures, skewers, a bib and see that white cardboard box? Empty. Yes, I had an empty box with tissue paper in the cabinet. No idea why! So those things all found new homes and the box went into the recycle bin.

Then I put all the holiday and entertaining stuff back in the cabinet. However, everything was sorted and folded and now has a proper place.

I put the bigger holiday accessories on the bottom shelf and the placemats, tablecloths and napkins on the top shelf. I had thought about putting the place mats in the drawer because it would be the perfect size. However, I didn’t for two reasons:

1) I decided to put all of the small holiday items in the drawer because I have two young kids and they can open the cabinet but not the drawer!

2) When I can look at the place mats in the cabinet, I can easily each style all at once. It helps me to remember what I have and presumably I will use them more often. If they were in the drawer, I would only see one style and probably forget the other ones were there.

So all of the small stuff went into the drawer and everything is accessible and organized.

Cross two more projects off the list!




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