House To Do List

I have been working on a list of things I want to get done around the house. As I made the list, I realized it was quite extensive! I have decided that I would like to go through and do a basic organization on EVERY part of my house by the end of the year. Now I realize this is super ambitious since it is the holidays and we plan on traveling in December. However, I want to get everything organized so that I can start the year fresh with my New Year’s Resolution. Yes, I already have my resolution ready and waiting. It is to add a little color to my world. Currently my life is filled with bland, blah, neutrals.

I’m serious, my color palate is lacking any variety. My clothes, paint colors, linens, makeup, everything is a tad boring! So in 2013 I’m going to spice it up. But before I do that, I need to clean everything out. Purging is the name of the game.

Anyways, my to do list is long and kind of confrontational. When I look at it, it’s like it’s taunting me. There are so many things I can’t even pick one so I just stare at it, then add to it, then stare at it some more. I decided to make it more manageable by splitting it into categories. They are:

-15 Minute Projects – these are projects that can be done in 15 minutes or less (obviously).

-Small Projects – these are projects that I anticipate will take longer than 15 minutes, but less than about 2 hours.

-Big Projects – This category involves things like construction, painting, shopping for a piece of art or furniture, etc. It includes anything that will take a long time or cost money.

I typed out all of the projects on excel and printed them. I used green for the 15 Minute Projects, orange for the Small Projects, and red for the Big Projects (see I’m getting more colorful already!)

I used abbreviations for most of the rooms of the house and then listed the project. For the master bedroom closet, I split it up into manageable tasks such as ‘go through shirts’ or ‘go through purses/shoes’. That way I could put more tasks on the ’15 Minute’ list.

Then I cut them into strips and put them into labeled envelopes.

There are approx 60 projects altogether and it turns out, there are about 20 projects per envelope. The good news is that 1/3 are 15 Minute projects. My plan is at least once per day, I will randomly pick a project from the ’15 Minute’ envelope. Or I will have my handy helper pick one out….

He picked out ‘clean the master bathroom drawers’ tonight. So that project is off the list!

The bad news is that there are approx 20 items on the big project list. That means a lot of time and possibly a decent investment to complete the list. So I’m going to focus on the 15 Minute and Small Project envelopes first and get the momentum going. I’ll keep you posted on the projects as they get completed.

The ‘Great Listing’ continues!!!


12 thoughts on “House To Do List

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  5. Hi Erin,
    My family also has just initiated a house-wide cleanup–and a blog to document it! The blogging makes it more fun and adds some accountability because people are following our progress.I think you have a good thing going separating your jobs into categories and focusing on one at a time. Don’t think about the big picture. You’ll just get overwhelmed! My strategy is to focus on the task at hand and try to forget that any other projects even exist.
    6 Sweet and Sour

  6. When I get a bit overwhelmed and have a “deadline” such as your end-of-the-year goal, I then turn to the calendar. After my lists are made, I start plugging things into the calendar, and that way I know that I have time alloted for each item on the list before the end of the deadline. I also always try to leave a day or two of “nothing” so that if something takes longer than anticipated, I have a buffer zone of time to try to get it done. Good luck! You are WAY more ambitious than me!

    • That’s a great idea. I should try that with the ‘big projects’ at least so I can allot some time to each of them. I also like penciling in some extra time because we all know how days fly by and before you know it, it’s the weekend!

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