Break out the lists!!!!

It’s list time at my house!!!  To Do Lists, Cleaning Lists, Blog Topic Lists, Christmas Lists!

I am giving myself through the end of this weekend to get all of my lists together for the next 2 months. I’m literally making a list of the lists I need to make. It’s ridiculous.

The first thing I am doing is re-vamping my Cleaning Schedule, which I originally posted about here. I even mentioned in that post how I was planning on adding a few things, so now is the time. Here is what the schedule looks like now:

Now I will reiterate that I did NOT put daily cleaning tasks on here because it took up too much room and I actually am able to remember what I did on the current day (which is surprising considering all that is swirling through my head at any given moment).

I also want to point out that several of the items on the weekly list, we try to do more than once a week, such as dusting. The way I use the chart for these is instead of making a full ‘X’ by that task, I just put half of an ‘X’ and then complete the ‘X’ when I do the task again.

Since my original post on this, I have added several items:

1) Under weekly, I have added ‘Dog Spa’. We don’t bathe our dogs every week but there’s always something that needs to be done, such as teeth brushing, ear cleaning, heartworm meds, etc. So this is more of a general reminder to deal with the crazy dogs each week.

2) Under monthly, I have added wash windows. I just forgot this on my original list.

3) Under monthly, I have added ‘Clean Appliances’. This does not mean wipe down the parts of the appliances I can see, which is included in the weekly cleaning. It means physically pull them away from the walls and clean behind and under them. My husband and I pulled out our fridge today and to be honest, I was horrified. I will not even share pictures. My actual words were “I didn’t know we had a 4th dog.” That is how big the dust bunny (dust dog) was. I’m surprised it didn’t bark at me for disturbing it’s sleep. Anyways, that’s how this made the list.

So that’s the upgraded list. Thoughts, anyone???

As for the actual cleaning I’ve been doing, I’ve decided a winter version of spring cleaning is in the cards. I spent a good chunk of my day crawling around on the floor cleaning baseboards (check it off the list!) I wanted to check out a Pinterest tip I had pinned to my Cleaning Board here. It suggested using a dryer sheet to clean the baseboards. It not only picks up the dirt and dog hair from the boards but coats it with whatever in the world is in a dryer sheet and actually repels future dirt. I’m not sure if it really repels dirt or if that’s just a nice thought, but it was easy to clean with…no sprays, no damp rags, just scooting around on the floor with a dryer sheet.

I’m also using another Pinterest inspired cleaning trick for mattresses. I know vacuuming your mattress is supposed to get rid of dirt, dust mites, etc, but why not make it smell nice too? The tip I saw suggested mixing baking soda with fabric softener and sprinkling it on the mattress before you vacuum. Well, we don’t use fabric softener, but we do use dryer sheets. Sooooo, I took an empty bottle of Puffs. Wait, you don’t know what puffs are? Then you don’t have a 9 month old! They are the baby version of Cheerios and they come in these cool shaped little plastic canisters. I have to admit I’ve been saving up a bunch of these empty containers for ‘the perfect project’ and I found it! Today I took a container, a dryer sheet and some baking soda:

I put a dryer sheet in the container, added a bunch of baking soda and shook it up. Then I poked holes in the lid of the container and made a ‘Fresh Smelling Baking Soda Dispenser Thing’.

And clearly I put a lot of time and effort into the labeling of the bottle:

At least now I won’t be mixing it up with any Puffs!

Anyways, I just sprinkled it on the mattress, let it sit for an hour and then vacuumed. I was pretty pleased with the results. I’m sure you could also use a sachet of lavender or a few drops of essential oil to fragrance the baking soda, but a dryer sheet worked for me. Speaking of baking soda, there are about a million ways to use this household product and about as many blog posts and articles on what those ways are. I plan to write my own someday (along with a post on how amazing plain vinegar is). I love cheap, natural, effective, safe products and baking soda and vinegar are at the top of the list! Anyways, I’m a LITTLE too excited about cleaning my house, but hopefully I can keep the momentum!



4 thoughts on “Break out the lists!!!!

  1. Love the dryer sheet idea to clean baseboards! Also, even though I don’t have a baby, I know what Puffs are because of my friend and her son ha, ha! Really cool idea, I think I will be trying it out when I can 🙂


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