Halloween Costume Photos

I borrowed a wonderful tip from Thea at Organized Living Essentials where she suggested doing a Pre-Halloween Dress Rehearsal for the kids costumes. That way you could take a few photos before the hectic Trick or Treat evening. I decided to try this for several reasons:

-My kids costumes are really bulky this year and trying to get them to sit still for pictures and go right into Trick or Treating would be ridiculous.

-I decided to photograph them individually to get more photos and if they were both in costume at the same time, this would have been impossible!

-Now I can post the pics on the blog and facebook as well as email them to all the grandparents before Halloween is over. Then everyone is more in the mood and I make sure everyone gets to see the pics in a timely manner. Believe me, as much as I love Halloween, as soon as it’s over, I immediately throw all decorations and costumes back in their bins! So it helps to already have the pictures taken care of.

-I can just enjoy watching them trick or treat and not worry about getting the perfect costume picture when they are so distracted.

-Inevitably before any big photo event, whether it’s birthday’s, pics with Santa, etc, someone will spill juice all over themselves, or get a horrific runny nose, or fall and end up with a giant red bump on their forehead. I’m not sure which will happen tonight, but I’m not going to worry about it because I’ve already got the pictures!

The one thing I didn’t do was make a sign that says ‘2012’ because, well, I forgot. Maybe I’ll make a quick one and snap one more pic tonight.

Here are a couple of the results. Thanks for the idea Thea!

And one from our small town Halloween Party we went to:

Happy Halloween everyone!



12 thoughts on “Halloween Costume Photos

  1. I did that last year, but not this year… Lost his hat tonight, so I guess what we’ve got, we’ve got… That’s OK, I’m sure some are great! 🙂 Thanks!

  2. Hi Erin, I am so thrilled to see the photos of your children in their costumes. They are delightful and what came across to me is they seemed so relaxed and to have had fun. Love it! Thanks for sharing this idea on your blog. I am thrilled and totally complimented dear blogging friend. ~Thea

  3. So cute! 🙂 I tried earlier today taking pictures of my one year old with my iPhone, what a mess, I can’t use any because he kept running away, crying and begging for us to take his costume off, so, I guess my pictures will have to wait until this evening (if I get any good ones) 🙂 HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 🙂

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