Halloween ‘Through the Years’ Photo Album

Like most people, every year I take photos of the kids in costumes, the pumpkins we carve, decorations, etc. And for years, those photos have been on my computer or, at best, in the ‘yearly’ scrapbook or photo album. This year, I decided to make a Halloween specific album where I can chronicle the holiday through the years in one album. I actually already do this for Christmas. I have a photo album where I put my favorite Christmas pictures each year that I store with my Christmas decorations. So, the Halloween photo album project was born!

I chose my favorites from each year and had them printed. Then I bought a plain black photo album.

Instead of just putting the photos in the album, I wanted to spice it up a little. I decided to make 4″ x 6″ inserts for the album that say the year the pictures were from. I used the Halloween fonts I found during my ‘Halloween Folder’ project, which you can read about here.

As I started putting the photos in, I realized I wanted the new years to start on a new page of the album, but that meant there would sometimes be leftover spaces with no photo. So I started making additional inserts with some info about that particular year, such as:

‘First Halloween in Colorado’ or ‘Evan’s First Pumpkin Carving’

Then I started switching up the colors so pretty soon I had a handful of pictures, but another handful of inserts in various fonts and colors.

I just used Powerpoint to create all of the inserts and then I created one more for the cover of the album.

Now I have a cute album that I can add to every year and watch how we all change from one Halloween to the next. It’s also a great conversation piece to have out in October and share with family and friends.



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