Bin there, done that

What a horribly cheesy post title, I know! However, I do want to show you my quick bin labeling I did in the kid’s room. It wasn’t fancy, it wasn’t hard, and it didn’t take long….my kind of project!

I have pretty much everything that belongs to the kids in either baskets or bins. Even their books are in bins because it is easy to clean them up and then it doesn’t matter if the books are upside down or backwards. And it’s really easy for even a 3 year old to organize and clean up this way. Funny side story, Evan was all ready for bed, head on the pillow, lights out and he says “mommy, I need to get out of bed”. “Why?” I asked. He said “I need to put my dinosaur away”. He had spotted one plastic dinosaur on the floor, so he got up, went into the closet and put the rogue dinosaur in the ‘Animal Bin.’ I’m seeing the organizing gene getting passed on!

Anyways, the bins were all separated and organized, but not labeled. I wanted to label them for 2 reasons:

-If I had it my way, every item in my house would be labeled.

-It makes things a lot easier for when the grandparents come to stay and are looking for something specific.

A lot of my bins have little clear pockets for labels, so that made life easier. I wanted to add just a teensy tiny bit of dimension to the labels so I printed all the wording on translucent paper and then just cut out plain cardstock to go behind the wording.

I just created the labels in Powerpoint after measuring the actual size of the clear pockets. Then you just create a shape in PPT and can double click on the shape outline and size it correctly. Someday, I will get one of those glorious label machines that you can do all sorts of fancy stuff with, but for now I love my Powerpoint.

Then I just cut out the labels and slipped them in the pockets:

They are not cutesy or intricate or even pretty. But they are functional and will do for now.  Now, I have seen some adorable labels in blogland with photos of the items in the bins for kids. I chose not to use photos of the contents though, for right now. My 3 year old has an insatiable love of words, letters and books. He is quickly learning how to spell various words and having his stuff labeled this way will just encourage his love of reading (I am hoping). That being said, I think photo labeling is adorable, colorful, creative and I might go this route as the boys get older and the toys get more intricate with more pieces. I might end up with 400 bins and a cute, colorful picture might serve us better. I found a great source of inspiration for photo labels at The Cottage Home:

How cute are these labels that just Velcro on to the storage bins?!

For now, my bins are blandly labeled, but easy to organize. It’s all about the process until I have more time to make it pretty!



5 thoughts on “Bin there, done that

    • Thank you Thea! I really do like all of the cute and fancy things you can do with the nice labelers, but I’m also finding that what I have is cost effective and I can be as creative as I want to be! Thanks!

  1. I’ve been doing the same thing recently, but mostly with big storage bins. After moving in, we kind of just left some stuff in random boxes and it was just ridiculous trying to find anything! It’s all nice and neat now. And as for your title, I loved it! It made me chuckle (then again I just love stuff like that).

      • Sooooo much easier!

        I have this room that’s pretty much a black hole right now…sucking in all the random things around the house that I haven’t found a proper place for. I don’t know how it keeps getting bombarded with junk! Next item on the ol’ To-Do list, that’s for sure!

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