Another quick fix…kitchen cabinet

I have a deep corner cabinet in my kitchen that is home to lots of those extra kitchen type things that don’t really fit well anywhere else. It has cookie sheets, cutting boards, casserole pans, mixing bowls, a waffle maker, cheese graters, a turkey pan and a big Tupperware cake holder. Here is a picture of what it looked like last week:

While the overall impression wasn’t horrible, the cabinet was incredibly inefficient. The front of it was filled with items I hardly ever use and some of the things I used daily were not easily accessible at all. Case in point….where are my mixing bowls?????? Waaaaayyyy in the back:

See that red arrow? It is pointing to my mixing bowls which are behind the turkey pan and the cupcake holder? That hardly makes sense. So I did one of my 15 minute organizations. I took everything out, cleaned the bottom of the cabinet and assessed what I had. I realized that I never have used the drawer underneath my stove, so the turkey pan and the muffin tins went under there. The mixing bowls were moved to a ‘front and center’ spot and I restacked my casserole dishes to make them easier to get to. Here is what it looks like now:

Soooooo much better. There is so much more room, it looks cleaner and I can actually reach the items I use most. And it only took 15 minutes! Happy neatening!



6 thoughts on “Another quick fix…kitchen cabinet

  1. Seriously I am on a 15 minute spree! I’ve been going crazy! But my house is starting to look totally different and is so much easier to keep clean. I’m loving all your tips!

    • You’re right, it’s no use having something that you can’t get to! It’s funny how much more space I feel like I have in the cabinet and I didn’t really take much out. Sometimes the quick fixes are the most effective!

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