Vacay Photos – What do I do with all of these???

After every vacation, I upload all of the pics I took onto my camera and start the arduous process of weeding through them. Usually as I do this, I think “why in the WORLD did I take 14 pictures of that tree?” or ” What was POSSIBLY so interesting about that sign?” I guess that’s the simultaneous blessing and curse of the digital camera. Endless picture possibilities. So I’ve had to come up with a system for going through all of these. Here’s a breakdown:

-First off, for this trip, we were visiting family so before we left, I downloaded all of the pictures from my in-law’s cameras so I had ALL our pics. You never know who is going to get the picture where both kids are actually smiling!

There it is!!!

-Then I put all of the pictures in a folder and look through them quickly and delete any obvious no-nos, such as blurry pics or the one where I’m making some crazy face.

-For bigger vacations or events, I then break them down into smaller folders. For this vacation, I broke them down into folders such as swimming, aquarium, Florida visit, family and misc. There are 2 reasons for doing this. 1) When I get pics from other cameras as well as mine, they are all out of order, so I have to group them somehow and 2) If I can’t go through all pics at once, then at least it’s broken down into manageable sections.

-Then I go through and do a second round of deleting. Once you have deleted the no-brainers in the first round, it is easier to look at each picture with a more critical eye and just keep the good ones.

-Then I name them all. I always put the event name, year and month in the title so all my title have this format: ‘Georgia 2012 July.’ This helps me if I am doing a search for a certain picture and also, if I email pictures to anyone, they know exactly where it’s from.

-Then I upload the best ones to my Phanfare site as an extra backup and also so I can share them with friends and family!

Ta Da!

Here are just a couple of my favorites!

Now, keep in mind that my tips are nothing new. Obviously you delete the bad pictures and it’s helpful to name the photos by the event and date. However, this is also a project that can get put off for years. So I’m writing this post as a reminder that if you organize your pictures regularly, it will be a lot easier to share them, look back at them, make prints and love them!



6 thoughts on “Vacay Photos – What do I do with all of these???

  1. Have you thought about ordering “Yearbooks” from each year for your family photos? You can burn them to a disk, and add that into a sleeve at the back!(which for that you can be frugal and simply glue a diskette sleeve into the back of your book 😀 Love the pics, the kids are darlin!

    • I use Blurb for my photo books. I usually do a book for a big event like a wedding, big vacation, or family get together. I have tried scrapbooking for each year, but I’m awful at it, so I really should just order photo books for each year instead. It would save my sanity! I like the disc of photos idea in each book. Thanks!

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