Fear of Flying

In 3 days I am going on a cross country plane trip with a hyper 3 year old and a possibly teething 5 month old. I’ll pause while you gasp sympathetically. I must admit I’m pretty nervous. First of all, Owen may or may not be teething. Either way, he’s been a little extra fussy for the last few days and hasn’t exactly had a reliable nap schedule. Second, to say that Evan has an abundance of energy is a major understatement. This kid stops about as often as a hummingbird. I don’t have any idea if I will be able to corral them into plane seats for 3 1/2 hours. Not to mention the fact that our plane leaves at about 6 in the morning, so they will be up hours before they normally get up! I actually had this picture in a post early last week, but it perfectly exhibits what I’m expecting on the plane:

Enough whining. Here’s what I’m doing to prepare:

-I have a carry on suitcase, but everything I will need on the plane will be in a backpack under the seat.

-I will have sooooo many snacks. I have a stash already set aside of granola bars, raisins, dried fruit, lollipops and Buddy Fruit.

If you haven’t heard of Buddy Fruit,they are blended fruit purees in a little resealable pouch. They are about the size and shape of a Capri Sun, but they are real fruit blends and you can put the twist cap back on if your kid doesn’t finish it all at once. Genius! Hope they are good on a plane!

-I also have an ‘activity kit’ for Evan. Here is what it includes:

~I have 4 books – note that they are all thin so they store easily. I also have one book called ‘100 Things to Spot in the Town’. This is a more interactive book and Evan will probably spend more time looking through it than a typical story book. He also loves the Richard Scarry and I Spy books si I highly recommend those!

~A plastic case which holds a pad of paper, coloring book, stickers and crayons. The case snaps shut to keep all of this together and it even has a clip on the front to hold a piece of paper still while coloring.

~2 Movies – I am bringing my computer for work so I will have it available to pop in the DVD when it comes to that (and I know it will). I have super slim cases for the DVDs so they take up barely any room at all.

~And here is my absolute favorite thing I’m bringing, just because I’m pretty proud of it. I’m bringing 2 sets of flash cards. To keep them from flying all over the place, I hole punched the cards and attached the sets with a metal ring that clasps:

Evan is learning how to spell simple words, so one set is short words. The other set has pictures, colors, shapes and numbers. I think Evan is really going to like them because they are new and he can flip through them by himself. Also, each set of cards cost less than $2.00 and a set of 8 of the metal rings was also less than $2.00. So economical, so practical, great for learning, and fun for the kids! Yea!

Another great thing about these activities is when they are stacked, the whole stack is less than 3 1/2″H.

I have a couple more days to mentally prepare myself, but knowing that I have done everything I can to keep them busy and happy will make the anticipation a little more relaxing. So wish me luck everyone. I will be keeping you posted on our travels!



6 thoughts on “Fear of Flying

  1. You go girl! I haven’t yet taken my kids on a flight – but I’m sure I’d be just as nervous! I am actually flying by myself for the first time across country (to meet up with my husband who is traveling for work) for a little getaway. Our first in 5 years! I’m a nervous wreck! Anyways – I hope you guys have a wonderful trip!

  2. You all will do terrific. And if not, you’ll be able to share all sorts of lessons learned with us!! A little tip, if you don’t already have them, the Melissa and Doug triangle crayons are fabulous for the plane (and just about any where else a crayon can roll of the table onto the floor!!). Another tip from a well seasoned traveler friend of mine- a can of playdough– as long as the O man isn’t eating it (but honestly, who hasn’t??). I have found that playdough can not only be used to create brillant, artistic mini replicas of real life things (Jack and I once made a baby bassinet, complete with a little baby, covered in a baby blanket, whom we fed a baby bottle and “puffs” on a 4 hour train ride from Washington D.C. to Connecticut), but in a real pinch, it can also be used to create mustaches, eye brows, and clown noses, all of which, when worn by Mom, are incredibly hilarious and certain to distract a screaming child!!

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