Burned out

A few weeks ago, there was a safety fair in the town pretty close to me.

The sad thing was that there was NO ONE there! I mean nobody, except the exhibitors. It was sad really. Safety in your home, on the road, in the wild, with your family is so important and NO ONE was there! I guess there’s just not a big exciting draw to car seat safety and bear attack prevention booths.

One thing I did find out about though was…

Nixle. Have you heard of this??? It’s a national notification system that offers free email and text notifications for alerts, advisories and warnings. Now, in my neck of the woods (in the Colorado mountains), many times these alerts and warnings are about forest fires.

You may be saying “Well, I’m living in a concrete jungle or suburbia. Why in the world do I care about forest fires?”

Well, Nixle is not just about natural disasters or rural issues. Let me give you an example. I have signed up to alert for my zip code, but also for my parents zip code and my in-laws (you can set up to 5 zip codes to automatically alert). My in-laws are in Atlanta and the other day, I got an alert for them because there was a major accident on the highway closest to them and it was closed. Now isn’t that useful and timely information? For free.

Back to rural Colorado. So we have had forest fires near us and I hadn’t been too concerned because they usually are able to contain them in a reasonable amount of time. But combine high winds, high heat, and no rain, we just had one get out of hand about 8 miles from us.

Springer Fire – Eleven Mile Canyon – June 2012

Smoke Blocking the Sun

It is called the Springer Fire and is now slowly being contained. But we had the possibility of evacuation if the fire came this way. Instead of me searching online or calling the fire department, I have been getting daily reports on the status of the fire, any closures, and the amount of containment. Genius!

So go to their website and spend 30 seconds getting yourself set up for these alerts. It could make a difference in your commute or it could save your life. Either way, it’s worth the time.





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