In honor of Dads….

In honor of dads and Father’s Day:

Here are a couple ways we organize my husband’s stuff. To be honest, he is as much of an organizer as I am….he just doesn’t have a blog 😉

Ladder on Hooks

Ok, so hanging a ladder on hooks isn’t a new idea, but I thought I would point it out for two reasons:

1) We have a shed where we keep most of our larger items, but we use the ladder fairly often. So by making a space for it in the garage, it is easier to access and saves us time and hassle.

2) This ladder is fairly lightweight so even I can get it off the hooks. It doesn’t make sense to organize something if it isn’t functional for the people who are using it. If this ladder was heavier, we probably would have it lower. But because it’s light, I can get it down and it stays way out of the way!

Our camping supplies are also in our garage. However, they are on a high shelf which is hanging from the ceiling. It created a ton of storage space but still allows easy access using the aforementioned ladder. 🙂 We have labeled bins which make various supplies easier to grab.

My husband keeps his most often used tools on a pegboard in the garage and the ones he doesn’t use often are kept in the shed. Even I know where each tool goes and I try to always put them back. 🙂

Here fishy, fishy

Sidenote: I just thought I would snap a photo of his tackle box. He keeps this super organized as well and is constantly refining the system!

Last but not least for today: He always keeps a cover on the grill when we’re not using it. He is of the opinion (and I agree) that if you have something nice, you should take care of it and protect it.

Speaking of taking care and protecting something, I just want to thank my husband for being such a caring and protective father. I can’t think of any way he could be more devoted or set a better example for his two boys.


And I also want to thank my own dad for being so wonderful and caring.

Me, My Dad and The Boys

I’m lucky to have such wonderful men in my life. Happy Father’s Day!


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