Charge it please!

I know that charging stations have been the ‘it’ gadget holder for numerous years now. I just never ‘pulled the plug’. Ha, ha. Plug.

Anyways, I knew that I needed somewhere to store 2 phone chargers, along with camera batteries, a USB cable and a charger for my new Kindle (which I love!). However, I didn’t want to invest the money in one, so I decided to re-purpose a storage box I already had. Now I might cut holes in the back to make it an official charging station, but for right now, I’m just using it to store my cords. The good thing about this little project is that I moved a bunch of other clutter that was on my kitchen counter and now the cord box is really the only thing that gets to stay (aside from a small basket for the actual phones). Here is what my kitchen counter looked like before: 

I took all of that stuff away and replaced it with one smaller box. And here’s what’s inside!

I love how compact it is and that every cord has it’s own place. And nothing else is allowed in the box! Now we always know where the cords are and they don’t get tangled or lost. It’s perfect! I’ve seen charging stations for well over $100. Maybe someday I will invest in a nice wooden one for my cords, but right now, the compartmentalized box (that I originally only paid $7.00 for) works great and it didn’t cost me a thing to re-purpose it. Sometimes organizing solutions are right under your nose and you just have to think outside the (charging) box. Was that the second bad pun in this post? I think it was.



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